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Plastic bottles replaced
by eco pouch refills

Moisturising Heat Protection Spray [Eco Refill]

$26.50 inc GST

The planet is our priority, this is why we use Eco friendly refill pouches to conveniently refill your bottles. Every time a refill pouch is used; you have saved the amount of four bottles entering landfill. Congratulations on looking spectacular and helping the planet from our unwanted waste.

    Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters

    Improves aesthetics and moisturization efficacy,

    acts as a humectant agent.



    Hair Diagnosis

    All hair types

    Designed to shield your hair from heat whilst creating luminous

    shine, our heat spray will help to increase gloss on dull, dry hair

    without dragging it down. This perfectly developed lightweight

    product helps to puts the body back in the hair, giving gutsy

    texture to lifeless roots for an easy volume boost.

    Directions for use

    Spray evenly onto towel dried hair. Dry naturally for subtle

    waves. Blowdry and shape with hot tools for refined curls or

    defined sleek styles. Apply over dry hair for style enhancement.



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