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Breaking All The Rules

The Black Shampoo is the revolutionary product taking the world by storm!

The Black Shampoo will leave your hair brighter, cleaner and give your hair that glossy finish.

Why would you use a Black based toning shampoo over a purple shampoo? Simple, it tones and fills at the same time.

Why is it important the Black shampoo fills and tones? let’s ask Mel (the black shampoo creator) When we are lightening hair, we are changing the bonds in the hair, making them more porous, if we want a colour to hold in hair, that has been striped and broken we need a base foundation to fill so the colour holds. In this case if you are blonde or brunette wanting your toner or desired colour to hold, even if it is a counteractive tone, you will get the best result if there is a base foundation as well as the counteractive tone, to rid you of yellow.

Black is made up of all your primary colours and does all the above, fills and tones to a brilliant white.

With key ingredients like hemp seed extract to restore, rejuvenate and strengthen hair and amino acids, known to help regenerate new hair cells, you can’t go wrong!